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College 101 Packet

All 11th graders are given the College 101 packet which is a comprehensive guide regarding the college application and research process.  It is recommended that each student reads through this, as there is a lot of information in it that will be very helpful as they enter their senior year.

You can access this packet here:  College Binder Update 5-29-19.pdf 

This is constantly edited by Mr. Bonacorsi.  He has extra packets in his office for student distribution.



Naviance Login : When you click on the link enter the schools' zip code (10461), then click on Herbert H. Lehman High School.  You will use your Lehman High School email address as your login e-mail, and your password is your OSIS number.

All Lehman High School students have a Naviance account.  This is how the Academic/College Counselors will be able to organize all things college for every Lehman student.  If you do not have a Naviance account, please contact Mr. Bonacorsi in room 102, or email him at Bonacorsi@LehmanHS.com.

Application Information

CUNY Application : You can apply to up to six (6) public colleges in New York City on one application.  City University of New York (CUNY) colleges include four-year and two-year colleges.  Popular CUNY colleges are Lehman College, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City College of New York, Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), and Bronx Community College (BCC).  The application fee is $65; unless you receive free lunch.  See your college counselor for an application fee waiver.  Do not submit this application without approval from your college counselor!

SUNY Application : State University of New York (SUNY) colleges are four-year and two-year public colleges that are outside of New York City.  Popular SUNY colleges are University at Albany, SUNY Cortland, Stony Brook University, University at Buffalo, Dutchess Community College, and Westchester Community College.  A student can apply to any SUNY college through this application.  You will need to submit an essay and usually two letters of recommendation to each four-year SUNY college.  It is $50 to apply to each SUNY school.  You can request a fee waiver if your parent(s) make below the income guidelines listed on the SUNY website.  Here is a map of all of the SUNY schoolsDo not submit this application without approval from your college counselor!

Common Application : The common application or "CommonApp" is a place for students to apply to SUNY and private colleges.  It is an extensive application to fill out, but a majority of the colleges nationwide are on the CommonApp.  The price of application will vary per school.  Fees can range from $50-$75; fee waivers can be acquired through the students' college counselor.  If a student is applying to SUNY and private colleges, we would have the student submit the CommonApp instead of submitting both the SUNY and CommonApp.  The CommonApp can be linked to the students' Naviance account. Do not submit this application without approval from your college counselor!

Financial Aid Information and Links

Create Your FSA ID : Before you fill out your FAFSA you must create an FSA ID for yourself and for one of your parents.

FAFSA Homepage : After you create your FSA ID, fill out your FAFSA by clicking on that link.  The FAFSA can be submitted to up to 10 schools at a time (you can always go back and add more schools after it was successfully processed).  The FAFSA puts you in line for the federal Pell grant.  The maximum amount a student can receive for the 2018-19 school year is $5,920.  This is not a loan, you will not have to pay this money back.

New York TAP Grant Application : After you successfully submit your FAFSA, you should fill out the NYS TAP application.  The TAP grant is applicable to New York residents attending a New York school.  The maximum amount that students can receive per year is $5,165.  This is not a loan, you will not have to pay this money back.

New York State Excelsior Scholarship : This is the new scholarship program for New York residents.  This scholarship is not guaranteed. It will cover your tuition balance after your Pell and TAP grants. More information can be found by clicking on the link. 

College Signing Day - May 1st, 2018