Lehman Student Elyce Afrifa Publish in Peer-Reviewed Science Journal

In the science world, the epitome of success is publishing one of your studies in a peer-reviewed science journal. This achievement is necessary for scientists working at universities in order to meet the requirements of their professorships. Here at Lehman High School, we have a STUDENT who accomplished this same feat... and she did it WHILE SHE WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL! 

Lehman student, Elyce Afrifa, designed and conducted a study on decision making. It involved a phenomenon known as the "decoy effect," which is commonly used by marketers to get people to choose one of two options, the one that will make them the most money. Elyce wondered if the decoy effect applied to monkey cognition as well. She designed and conducted a study, with the help of Michael Behran, Ph.D., associate director of the Language Research Center of Georgia State University, and Aubrey Parrish, Ph.D., assistant professor of the Citadel at the Military College of South Carolina. The results were published in the journal Animal Cognition and Behavior! Elyce is the second author cited on the paper, and Herbert H. Lehman High School is listed as her affiliated institution. Well done Elyce! 

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